Nadia Artistry
{ new site launch }

Remember the dollhouse shots I posted yesterday? Well, I'm happy to announce that I just pushed live the new website of the shoot's talented makeup artist (and model), Nadia. You may remember her lovely mug from the "Like" series I did around the holidays.
Yep, she's the one who created each doll's makeup concept from scratch (you can see cool drawings she did in her planning on her blog) and executed the creepy futuristic faces with both skill and beauty. I really can't speak more highly of Nadia and her amazing styling skills! Without her, the shoot would have been lifeless. But with her talent, each gal was transformed into something straight out of a Luc Besson movie, for crying out loud!

I'd like to also mention that Nadia did Hannah and my makeup for Han's wedding back in September. With her magic hand, we felt like a million bucks-- all night long. It's pretty sweet to see her range from tasteful bride to crazy Blade Runner doll... please give her website a spin to see her diverse portfolio, and give her a ring if you need help with makeup, light hairstyling or wardrobe styling for weddings/events, tv/print, fashion/runway, or portraits.
Take note that Nadia is offering a 10% discount on her services with the special code steepstreet. Sweet!

Visit www.nadia-artistry.com today!

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Trena said...

I wish she lived closer to me so she could work her magic on my mug!!