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{ Hannah & Alex PART 2: the vows}

It's hard to describe how it felt seeing Hannah and Alex, two old Oak Hills kids, reunite under the familiar old oak tree at the heart of our neighborhood. What I loved most about the ceremony was how natural the entire thing felt. They were both there under the tree to greet guests as they arrived, bikers went past, kids' soccer games played on, and as the time drew near for the ceremony to begin, the bride shouted at the crowd, "Are we missing anybody?!" The vows that Hannah and Alex wrote were spoken by a dear friend John, and told as though reading an old storybook tale... of two neighborhood kids brought together by the stars and the trees and the friends and family who love them most.

Congratulations to my gorgeous sister and brand spankin' new brother in law

Thank you, Once Wed and Rock 'n Roll Bride for the sweet and thoughtful features!
Check out Emily and Kat's thoughts on the wedding and to see a sneak peek for PART 3: the fiesta!

Bride's Dress- Olive and yellow silk gown made from scratch by the genius design team Caitlin and Shola (more on them to come...)
Bride's makeup- Nadia Kingston of Nadia Artistry
Bride's Earrings and Necklance- Isreali designer Ayala Bar from Cargo
Bride and Groom's rings- meteorite and moldavite from the Fossil Cartel
Bride's Bracelets- family heirlooms
Bride's Hair- by the bride


Ellie said...

Saw this on Rock and Roll Bride and I have to say Im in love! Thank you for being awesome.

!Tb0n3! said...

Wow, your sister is gorgeous! Wait...and you are her twin?

Anonymous said...

All of us here at the film studio are totally digging both the photography and the deliciously edible betrothed. Again, Kelty, an amazing job. [so who did your stunts?]

Mack & Co.

Trena said...

Stunning!! And YES she is a twin!!!

Willy and Jose said...

From Barcelona We send to you a huge WOW!! and a big big hug to the whole family. We wihsh you all the best of the best. LOVE AND HEALTH!!!

Sarah Neal said...

Kelty... I feel a twinge of sadness knowing I couldn't be there. My alternate wedding was about as traditional as it got. All things are meant to be. Photos are awesome. Hannah looked awesome. You are awesome! Can't wait to see you!

aiduke said...

amazing, amazing amazing!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the venue! great job, kelty. and congrats to your sister!

Anonymous said...

Your color treatment is simply amazing. Who knew that a photographer could make such masterful use of hue and shading? Hats off to both you and the beautiful bride.
Henry Cimoli
Boston, MA

Paige Appel said...

what an awesome wedding. and you are a brilliant photographer. glad to find you.

LJB said...

Beautiful images, can't wait for you to photgraph my wedding!

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous, all of you! Hannah and Alex, the biggest congratulations - it looks like the mose beautiful, funnest, happiest wedding EVER :-)

Kelty, I luuuuuuuuuuurve the pics (aside from the bridge and groom especially the really intense ones of the little animals and candies - I want copies!) and can't wait to see Portland in the flesh!



Carina said...

She has the most flawless skin I have ever seen! She is beautiful! Amazing photos