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When JT, the coach from my old water polo days at Stanford, asked Han and me to give the current team a new image, I could scarcely believe my ears. I got giddy. Not only a designer's dream, but a former-athlete's. A whole campaign of photos, websites, posters, blogs, postcards and underwater shenanigans all flashed across my brain. And that's exactly what we've been doing since.

Click below to read more about these incredible student-athletes, who have already contributed tireless hours to goofy photo shoots and making the website a personal, interesting nook for friends, family, fans and those new to the sport and team. You'll read about their world travels, love of Gaga, shoe collections, penchant for baked goods, to-do lists, infectious laughs, hidden talents, hopes for the future, and of course, love of all things water polo.

Expect more #1 ranked Stanford Women's Water Polo goodness as the season progresses... an alumni directory, interviews, water polo 101, and a couple fun poster series are coming soon!

Steep Street Photography & Design, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography & Design, Kelty Luber


Anonymous said...

You and Han killed it! Love the site! Love the pics! Love the design! Love, love, love.. Who wouldn't want to go see a Stanford Womens Water Polo game after checking this out.

Caitlin said...

OMG I love this shit. Will you please design the Rosebuds site for 2011-2012?

Jess said...


forget.me.knot.weddings said...

love this redesign! ok i must have you do a re-desing for Enjoy Events when we get some cash! so cool you got to do for your old Alma Mater!!

Leila BY said...

Love it Hannah! Absolutely love it! What an amazing way to show case the team!