If you're reading this, then you kinda missed the memo... GET OVER TO OUR NEW PROJECT, THE WEAVER HOUSE!

Our official promo video for The Weaver House is up! Yikes. And it's only a matter of weeks until the full site and shop are ready... We're hoping this'll give you an idea in the meantime of who we are and what we do, make and sell.

Pop on over and follow the new Weaver House Blog for future updates on our work, inspiration, and lives...

Thanks to Shola, our incredible model-muse of a bestie, for lending her incredible talents to this project, as well as her man-friend, Vikesh. Many thanks also to our dear friend Nadia who worked her magical makeup skills for the video. And a final thanks to Hannah's husband Alex for shooting and editing this baby {and putting up with us in the process}. You guys are the best!

Song "Asleep From Day" by Mazzy Star & the Chemical Brothers.


The Countdown Begins // come on over!

The time has come...

As we prepare to launch our new company, The Weaver House, we must face the bittersweet task of leaving Steep Street behind. We hope you'll join us there for a teaser video, more sneak peek photos, and the budding world of twin-fueled adventures in creative cooperation. There's so much to look forward to.

Come on over!



Lovestruck Pioneers // charles & ray

Long-time fans of their furniture, the new documentary on the Eames' magical partnership, amazing home and lesser-know projects was crazy-inspirational. Seen it yet? Now available on Netflix instant watch...

Photos from Life Magazine, Eames Office LLC, and the Conran Shop.


Git er done // thursday

When overwhelmed with much to do, we've found that it helps to take pride in even the smallest of accomplishments.


Photos by Nina Leen


Still in Love // sparks

Just press play.

It even reads like a love poem.


A Ruckus in Rainbow // kara & tim

This day was way too much fun.

Thanks to the blog Ruffled for a full feature-- visit for more photos and details about this handcrafted and incredibly creative bash... thank you, Kara and Tim, for letting us share your fairytale day. Black & white, square and highly saturated images taken with my holga, zeiss and diana cameras on 35mm.