Color Up! // OLA Collection

You may remember a dizzying array of missoni-clad soldiers that I posted about a while back... Well, my fiery red headed doppelgänger is at it again! After a rip roaring gift-packed success in holiday sales, she's exploring the finer subtleties of her sewing machine to move past delightful neck bling and dive head-first into dresses, tops, skirts, swimwear, and more. Check out the new website I designed for her, (www.olacollection.com) as well as her blog (www.olacollection.blogspot.com), which is as rainbowy in content as the fabric she loves to work with. A visit to the blog is like taking tea in Hannah's livingroom while listening to her spill about her personal work, vintage finds, greatest inspirations, family fashion icons, red-head crushes, her talented friends, runway raves, and even how to beat the blues on a sunday. I love seeing a twinkle in her eye through every post and can't wait to see what she'll do next.


~ Hannah ~ said...

You are TOO MUCH! Your neverending support and brilliant talent overwhelm and humble me. Thanks again, Tots.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Both of yas!