Ola Collection // T.G.I.H #39 // Holiday Shopping Guide #1

Say hola to OLA.

My incredibly beautiful and talented sister, Hannah, has put her sewing skills and love of rainbow to work to create a beautiful scarf collection just in time for the holidays! Each Versatility Scarf is made from a tube of varying ziggy zag Missoni knit fabric and can be worn at least four different ways. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it as a hoodie, scarf, or shawl. It comes shipped to you *for free* and arrives in a beautiful multi-use muslin sack.

One visit to her shop is like standing in front of a rainbow scarf-clad army! You'll go back and forth between different colors like a little kid in a candy store. I ordered my own scarf last week and haven't taken the thing off since its arrival. What I love about my Versatility Scarf is that I can wear it while working at home in my comfy clothes uniform, as well as out the door to dinner in a dress and boots. What I'm truly grateful for is that I have all of my holiday shopping done for the women in my life, and the best is getting to choose a different pattern for each special person!

Gift-giving aside, you may be in the market for a little Y-O-U shopping, so think about it this way. The holiday party bling. The funky bridesmaid shawl. The perk up your workday accessory. The dress up that drab coat sparkle. The cozy match your eyes standby. Right? Also, keep in mind that Hannah is adding new scarves daily through the month...

And now I'm going to get really cheesy, folks. Give the gift of Ola this holiday season. You won't be sorry... and neither will your recipient. :) Color up!

Visit the shop by clicking HERE.

Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber


Nadia said...

Holy canoli this Is awesome, AWESOME!!
I love that there are no scarf "ends" to deal with, it basically fashions itself in so many ways....the colors, the Ola label design/packaging, and the model's dreamy eye makeup is making me seriously swoon!

Anyone would be so lucky to be gifted one of these one-of-a-kinds...Kudos to the designers!

Anonymous said...

This is taking TGIH to a whole new level. Really good job, Hanna!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I know what you mean about not being able to choose... they're all sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

This is perfect for my sister, who can't tie scarves to make them look good. It's the perfect solution! And love the colors!

Melissa Schulze said...

Gorgeous scarves, Gorgeous Girl and gorgeous pictures!! I am in awe!!!

jenny said...

You two are so insanely talented. I wish I lived in the same city as one or both of you to have some of that talent rub off on me!

ola appletea said...

my names is actually OLA and I love this collection of OLA Collection!