Touch of Genius // Hannah & Alex Xmas Movie III

Hannah and Alex have done it again, folks. This year's very merry mystery is a fast-talking Noir, jam-packed with murder and mayhem, stunning Portland vistas, mistaken identities, and a heartfelt and romantic holiday duet by my favorite dynamic duo. Stick around for some hilarious outtakes at the end, where you can glimpse the full-color, green screen magic and all manner of behind-the-scenes silliness. Writing, music, singing, visual effects, and acting by my beautiful twin sis and brilliant brother-in-law (As well as some stunning cameos by their talented buddies, Shola, Howie, Christian, and John)!

Scroll on to check out some killer photo stills from the holiday premiere, taken by the globe-trotting, dress-making whiz, Riot Siren (Caitlin), or start watching Act I below. Visit their Vimeo page to see all three acts in HD, as well as their previous holiday hit, which took place in outer space...

Thank you, Hannah and Alex... the holidays are always merrier thanks to your touch of (evil) genius.



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awesome! really great! :)