And The Bride Wore Boots // sneak peek

Patchwork quilts
bonfire cheer
craggy cliffs
crazy wind
sticky s'mores
singing bells
loving people
ukelele serenades
cozy cabins
raucous dancing
crashing waves
Katie & Nathan...

Their Big Sur wedding coming soon!


ever ours said...

beautiful! can't wait to see the rest!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous woman! I love the light bulb in there.

Sera said...

Is she a professional dancer? Beautiful!

Kristin said...

Katie Jo you look absolutely stunning. Like woah! I love everything about this picture.

Michelle Elisabeth said...

Wedding smores? Perfect touch :)

jenny said...

i want to see more already!

hifiweddings said...

raucous dancing?!?! you know i'd LOVE to feature this'un :):):)

Coleman Wine said...

This picture captures your beauty and spirit both outside and within.

Hannah said...

Too beautiful for words. One of my favorite moments of the night!!!

Francine Lambeth said...

I agree with Hannah...many beautiful moments that evening but this was my favorite. She's a beautiful dancer and a gorgeous woman!