A Curious Case of Extrapolation Humor Among the Roses
{ caitlin & colin }

As you may know, my standard photos of pairs typically capture couples in love and about to take the big leap. Which made my first 'Sibs Shoot' kinda ridiculous. I'm embarrassed by the number of times I encouraged these two to cuddle up, nuzzle, or kiss. OOPS! Good thing they are the most hilarious brother/sister duo I have ever met and were laughing pretty much nonstop the entire time anyway. Since the photos were a gift for their Grandma's birthday, their mom asked that they don't make any "goofy faces"... good luck on that one. Caitlin describes their childhood as a time of "unintentionally cultivating a rather complicated yet strikingly similar web of 'extrapolation humor' trajectories". As in, goofy faces are much tougher to avoid than one might imagine.

We finally got some great cheese!
Happy Birthday, Grandma!

One her wonderful blog, Caitlin explains, "We tried our best to get some classy portraits in, but it's hard when Colin goes to grab a shirt from the car and comes back with a giant red scratch on his forehead; "Is there a scrape on my head?" "Uh, yes, what happened?" "A tree branch hit me." Or, Kelty tries to take playful shots of us running down a hill, so he leaps into the air to grip a handful of willow branches expecting to swing gracefully to a stop (we did this as children also) and RIPS an entire cluster of tree into the meadow."

The whole experience (besides seeing that I need to refine my Sib Shoot Directing) made me realize how lucky they are to have each other. Hannah and I always wanted a brother!


Anonymous said...

love the title. and this was such a cute shoot. looks like it was a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

OMG we are pretty sure that this is the same Caitlin who is one of the dancers for the Portland Winterhawks professional hockey team!
-regards to all,
Sharla & Glenn in Montreal

honestly kimberly said...

These are wonderful and so much fun!

Kristen said...

amazing pictures! I am dying over her dress!!

Kelty said...

I know-- the dress was adorable and made by Caitlin herself!

You can check out her designs on her blog, www.riot-siren.blogspot.com, and check out her etsy page linked on the right side of the blog to see what dresses she's selling at the moment. She also takes custom orders!

Caroline said...

Love the last shot of them running down the hill! And wow, they have the exact same smile!