Bride Revisited
{ Hannah }

Acrylic paint + embroidery thread + dancing = quality time with my favorite future bride. You may remember this fiery red head from her Elementary Engagement shoot with Alex last month...We had some bride and maid of honor time last week and snapped a few photos to use on their Bachelor/ette invitations.... And yes, she's really as laid back as she looks. Her wedding is going to be as stylish, hassle-free, and rock and roll as she is. Just add Alex.


Kat said...

you are right, these are FAAB!

Anonymous said...

I love these so much! Hannah, you're such a natural - after my shoot on Friday I have a new found appreciation for a girl who knows what to do with her arms and mouth once the camera starts clicking :-)

Kelty, just don't post mine next ok? I wanna look good ;-)


Ali Green said...

These are awesome, Kel. Your best work yet! (it helps to have such a gorgeous subject...)

Khali MacIntyre said...

A-MAZE-ZING! I love these. The color. The composition. So great. Makes me want to move to Portland and beg to be your unpaid apprentice.

Trena said...

I got mine in the mail today! Fabulous!! I love it!

Vanessa said...

Definitely one of the most creative shoots yet!!! It is spectacular! You and Han have such a natural way of working together.



Troy Grover said...

Awesome work!

marissa + michael said...

i LOOOOOOOOVE these!! love. love. love.

Andrea Lynn said...

Wow these are really great!
check out my blog at
and tell me what you think, I am completely inspired by your work :)