Shelter Cove
{ alex & paul }

Paul and Alex met in Southern China, moved to San Francisco, and got engaged in the desert in Jordan. They describe their meeting, courtship, and engagement as a very special and surreal experience... In fact, when we first met to take their engagement photos last week, I could practically feel the magic in the air... Which could have had something to do with the fact that they live in a private cove, tucked away in Pacifica! Their rosy little house perched on stilts sits cozily in Shelter Cove, a stone's throw from the water. We spent a delightful afternoon roaming around their "backyard", hiking around the cove, goofing at the house, rolling in the succulents, kicking in the surf, and admiring the views from every direction. Despite the gorgeous atmosphere of the cove, Alex and Paul's obvious love for one another was easily my favorite part of the landscape.


Sarah Neal Design & Photography said...

I would be SO happy if I had photos of Wes and I like this. If we do come your way you'll have to do some family pics for us!

Caitlin said...

Despite the tangled dirty Portland creeper I might truly be inside, these shots make me feel nostalgia for my golden California days. Especially the flora for some reason...those rubbery beach leaves with purple flowers...the scrubby yellow oak covered hills...what a rad location for a dwelling. That shot where only the cliff is visible with the couple in the lower left is bomb. Thank you.