Blessed Little Race - Part III
{ shola & caitlin }

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matthias said...

Ok, now I´m finally envious, haha!
Seriously, is that all just the d70?
I just leave all the "amazing pics" talks away and stay amazed and inspired myself over here in Germany...

greets, Matthias.

Hello Vodka, It's me...Kassy. Shaken not stirred. said...

you know what song I think about when i see all the picks of these two??

Gary Jules' "Mad World"

and i mean that in the o-so-good-way-spooky-beauty-kind-o-way.

Kelty said...

Thanks, Matthias! It was a blast just playing with these gals... they were mesmerizing, hilarious, gorgeous, and inspiring to behold. (as I'm sure you've noticed)

Hello to Germany!

colleen k.d. said...

Hi Kelty,
The photo shoot of these girls is incredible. you really capture their quirks, beauty and mysteriousness.

I really love the photos, one day I am going to order the tree with light, and the fuzzy ladies underneath holding hands. Incredible image. Did you use a flash?

how does one order prints from you?

ps greetings from new zealand, you've been inspiring me too