Let Them Eat Cupcakes
{ shola & caitlin }

It's impossible to describe the talent, beauty, wit, and creativity of these two ladies. Both sew, draw, take photos, craft, bake, dance, and play harder than anyone I know. Shola writes everything with periods and asterisks between words and Caitlin ends every sentence with an emphatic 'BOOM'. Shola makes magical eye contact with every sentence, and Caitlin's laugh rocks your soul to the very core. Oh, and Reva the cat has a wicked left hook.

And now some photos of the lovely Emily, modeling Riot Siren and the Quiet Collector (aka Caitlin's) latest masterpieces... all lovingly hand-crafted from vintage or salvaged materials, made especially for girls who like to get dolled up and play hard.


Anonymous said...

Kelty, your amazing photography makes two cute girls look even cuter. But why are there no choco-sprinkles on the cupcakes? we are very disappointed!

B & L

kat said...

so coooool! i love these images, such a retro feel