Bubba & Co.
{ ryan, joey, leslie & chance }

Dear Ryan,

Thank you for letting me get all up in your face with the clicky black thing, tickle you, make disparaging comments about your adorable old man double chin, and for sharing your wonderful parents with me for a few hours. One day you'll realize how lucky you are to have them (and their good genes, I might add)... so take it easy on them in your terrible twos and teens.
Know your Honorary Aunties Kelty and Hannah will always be around for you to make faces at for family documentation purposes (or just because).

Love, Kelty


Hannah said...

Heaven knows how you narrowed down all those fabulous shots to the ones you posted-- your readers are missing out! =) Love 'em! Just love 'em.

Anonymous said...

This proves it: swimmers and water polo players make the best-looking babies! Plus, they ger better exercise in the womb.

Have you thought of doing pet portraits, too? From what I have seen you seem to have a knack for catching your subjects at the most amazing moments.

Lulu L.