{ diane }

This girl does it all! She's a graphic designer, gourmet cook, and badass athlete not to mention a wonderful friend... it's hard not to be inspired by her beauty, creativity and skills-- enjoy!


Diane said...

Kelty, I can't thank you enough for doing this with me. What a fun day with such an amazing and talented friend.

Sarah Neal Design & Photography said...

These are GREAT, what neat settings you found. Diane - looking good too!! :)

Hannah said...

Diane, you are one hot chica-- I feel really bad eating this red velvet cupcake while looking at these-- you make me want to get in shape! =)

Jen said...

PHENOMENAL picture of Diane, Kelty!! You did an amazing job!! I mean, you had a great model, but seriously! Wow! Love love love the photos!
Jen (Diane's friend)