My Lady Iola
{ joanna }

Meet Joanna, one of my favorite people in the entire world. Not only is she a barrel of laughs, but an amazing artist, model, traveler, and story-teller. Not to mention the sassiest of my buddies by far. Don't bother coming to visit unless you smuggle in booze and sailors. Or a king size hershey's bar.



I love the cheeky one with the sunglasses-- you can see Hannah and me laughing in the reflection! The last photo sits usually on her biggest bookshelf- a reminder of her "wild days", as she calls them.


Trena said...

So beautiful. Doesn't she have a love of horses too? Correct me if I'm wrong. What a knockout.

Kelty said...

Aw, you're thinking of lil old Pinkie from Maryville... Joanna has a thing for doggies, hence my lending Frog and Mowgli to her for naps.

Jessica Kettle said...

wow. these are amazing. she's gorgous- I want to wear red lipstick like that when I am older. or now even. For sure.

Anonymous said...

Keep the dime pieces, past and present, rolling.


hodge podge said...

wow! she's amazing and looks like quite a character! and your photos are lovely. can't wait to see more ;n)

Michelle said...

You did an amazing job of caputring the life and light in her striking eyes. More of Joanna please!