OLA Collection // holiday shopping guide #1

You may or may not be familiar with Hannah's scarf company, OLA. Well, now you're in luck. 

My incredibly talented sister has put her sewing skills and love of rainbow to work to create a beautiful scarf collection just in time for the holidays! Each infinity scarf is made from a tube of varying ziggy zag Missoni knit fabric and can be worn in a variety of ways. Choose large or medium, dress it up, dress it down, wear it as a hoodie, scarf, or shawl. It comes shipped to you *for free* and arrives in a beautiful multi-use organic cotton sack.

One visit to her shop is like standing in front of a rainbow scarf-clad army! You'll go back and forth between different colors like a little kid in a candy store. Gift-giving aside, you may be in the market for a little Y-O-U shopping, so think about it this way. The holiday party bling. The funky bridesmaid shawl. The perk up your workday accessory. The dress up that drab coat sparkle. The cozy match your eyes standby. Right? 

And now I'm going to get really cheesy, folks. Give the gift of Ola this holiday season. You won't be sorry... and neither will your recipient. :) Color up!


NessFles said...

Your scarves look amazing as ever! I've been wearing mine this season, and am looking forward to getting more colors! :-)

Laura said...

On it. :)