Happy Birthday // The Fixin' To Turns One!

Remember these guys? Frito pie, dixie beer, shuffleboard, veggie chili bowls, and some owners who (as Bart would put it) kick about 31 flavors of ass... This Saturday they're celebrating their first anniversary of bringing a certain southern charm to little North Portland and we couldn't be happier about it. Seeing as I'm across the country, buried in snow and unable to leave the house, I won't be able to make it. Sigh. Hopefully this flier I made for the event will work as a symbol of my love and admiration for the Fixin' To and it's incredible 365 days of being. So get your asses down there to celebrate and order a veggie chili bowl and a PBR in my honor!

Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber

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Nadia said...

i'm bummed I missed this event, their veggie chili bucket is to DIE for. freakin' sweet poster Kel!