Fresh * Local * Sustainable ... It's Burgerville, Baby! // a year of portraits #4

You may remember Burgerville's new campaign portraits from the last several months, either from my site or in person, and I'm happy to say that this month's posters are up! For those of you who aren't familiar with Burgerville, they're a Northwest icon, with 39 stores in Oregon and Washington. I've been eating their tasty food since I was a kid, but only recently begun to take notice of their innovative business practices and fresh, locally sourced menu selections. (Think walla walla onions, local berries, asparagus, and more!)

My job is to shoot portraits for their store posters, highlighting two heroes every month: a local foodie and a sustainable partner. Allison is the program director of Healthy Food and Farms
and Dean is the head of a family-owned landscaping company that keeps Burgerville properties green. Allison helped me choose only local, in-season veggies for our shoot and was game for anything! (I wish you could see the fun outtakes on this one..) Dean's shoot took place at his beautiful home, where I got to meet his adorable twins and hear all about green gardening techniques. Try Allison's yummy inspired dish, the Roasted Turkey and Cherry Chutney Wrap while it's still available... a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Oregon Environmental Coucil, a non-profit that helps keep Oregon healthy and green.

Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber

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Hannah said...

Those two are too cute. Great job, Kel! Off to get a strawberry shake...