The Shop
{ part 2 }

Postcards! When pondering crafty goodness to enrich to my shop, I decided to create something to inspire those around me to say hello more by post.

Each parcel comes with 12 postcards in four different designs (3 of each), all inspired by the coming spring and the excitement of reaching out to someone you care about. Each is pre-stamped, so all you need to do is scribble a message and address, then leave it for Mr. Mailman. Make the postal pledge and promise yourself that you will send a mere one postcard a month for a year. Here's your chance...

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Card 1: Hello

Card 2: Rainbow Flock

Card 3: Beach Duo

Card 4: Patchwork Farm

Your tidy pack of 12:


Kater said...

I love these postcards! Awesome work. You should also consider selling some postcards with your photos on them. I especially liked the sock photos.

Anonymous said...

I see on your shop that you've already sold a bunch... I must say that I love them!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, simple, and totally uplifting.

Sandra said...

What a perfect correspondence package. I love the simple "hello".

Hi-Fi Weddings said...

these are PERFECT!!! so wonderful :)