Sick Day
{ T.G.I.H #13 }

Hannah has a cold.

So this week I decided to entertain you with one of my favorite Sick Hannah photos from our youth. Notice her chapped lips and runny nose, glassy eyes and yellow skin tone... It's funny because this is the exact kind of over-posed photo that usually makes me cringe and yet somehow it is one of my most cherished possessions. Little Hannah! With her Jane Austen/Hasidic Jew tendrils and sleeve hiked up like she's ready for action. We should put her in pink more often.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to note the strawberry Kool-Aid stain above her mouth!
Love to all,
her Dad
P.S. With luck, her sister's pig-tailed portrait may someday be posted, too.

Hannah said...

Dad, those are not kool-aid stains. Mom never let us touch the stuff! I had a cold and it's from blowing my nose too much. And, judging by my mottled/puffy eyes, I think I'd been crying from the bearded photographer picking me up (scary!). Granted, I'm married to a bearded man now... go figure.

Trena said...

I was just going to say you were never allowed to have koolaid! :) Such a cute little girl! What happened to all those little curls??

Anonymous said...

Love the little curls and sweatshirt. Hard to believe its the same person!

Boots and Cateyes said...

that made me laugh so hard. with her sleeve pulled up I almost expect she is getting a shot of antibiotics. What a sweet little mess. The line about the curls made me cackle somethin' hardy.

Katie said...

I just came across a GREAT pic of Kel.. circa 1996/7. She is looking SO cool. Should I post? Should I post?