{ T.G.I.H #12 }

Hannah and I decided to experiment this friday with two new elements:

1. Not a stitch of makeup
2. Her husband's wardrobe (except for the shoes)

Which lead me to reach two conclusions:

1. Alex has short legs
2. He must be blind without his glasses

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

At what point might we expect to see a shoot of her husband in drag? Lovely poses, lighting and color combinations.
Fiona in Manhattan

Diane said...

Oooh- I love the ones with the bright blue shirt! Pretty contrast to her hair!

D :)

Thorey said...

Conclusion #3 -- You can put Hannah in a brown paper sack and she'll still look like a supermodel behind Kelty's expert lense;

Conclusion #4 -- Hannah's shoes are awesome.

Hannah said...

Aren't they sweet, Thor? I pilfered them from Kelty to wear back in September, but then chickened out (falling down quite unnecessary on the Big Day). It was nice to debut them, finally. Miss you!

Jani said...

Hannah should have been a boy. She would be Hamish and have a red soul patch. I did what I could (sigh). What's a mother to do? Way fun, guys.

Kimber Hansen said...

I love the T.G.I.H. project. Beautiful!

Boots and Cateyes said...

Oh the blue shirt fixing tie is my super duper fav. Stunning colors as always!!!

Caitlin said...

OMG, this is my favorite TGIH yet (besides the creeper in the woods and brushfire in the desert, that is...) My conclusion: Hannah looks amazing in men's clothing. It reminds me a bit of the interchangeable pile of ginormous sweaters, scarves and coats Matthias and I donned throughout our residence in Berlin. Although I must say, he looked way better in my black Urban Outfitters skinny jeans than I ever did...maybe you should also see what Alex can do with Hannah's wardrobe! Hahaha.

Trena said...

She definitely doesn't need make-up! Beautiful!

carrie said...

no makeup?? wow!

Anonymous said...

this one is my favorite so far!
makes me want to try it out too.