Stadium Love
{ T.G.I.H + A }

Wedding day anniversary be damned, these two choose to celebrate the faithful day Hannah flew from Spain, Alex from Portland, to meet in San Francisco after over 10 years of not seeing one another.


There were strolls in the park, chaste first kisses, prosciutto snacks, dog walks, a drive to the desert, and their first of many snowy Christmases in Portland together. The beginning of something wonderful, really. So they've donned their wedding gear and hit the slopes to celebrate their past, present, and future. Happy Anniversary, my loves!

As an added treat, I'm embedding a short movie Hannah and Alex made for Xmas last year. Sadly, the tradition couldn't carry on for this year (its 3rd), but H + A seem determined for a comeback in 2010. The movie has a slow build to action, adventure, song, dance, and lots of ass jokes. Script by Han and Alex, music and visual effects by Alex, lyrics and vocals by Hannah. The movie begins with about 20 seconds of black, so be patient and turn up the volume... Enjoy!The real action begins around 8 minutes in.

{{ watch it bigger and in HD
here }}


Trena said...

Cutest couple ever! I can't stand it. Great shots!

Transcode said...

Wow. I haven't been to the blog in a little while, but every single time I go back, it's just such a visual treat to see what new stuff you've posted. Really nicely done, Kelty!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Jorge

Jessica Stier said...

I'm going to be repetitive and say exactly what I said on Flickr..

This series is AMAZING!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool fun and crisp images. I can smell the firs and Aqua Velva.:)

Hannah said...

Kel, you're the best. Thank you again for freezing your tush off and making our year. We love you.

Dana said...

Gorgeous! I really hope Hannah was wearing long underwear!

Megan said...

This session is to die for! I love all the shots, the cool couple and the setting is so perfect!