Dog Shore
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I'm happy to introduce you Bay Area dog owners to a great service, Dog Shore! Katie Hall, the owner of Dog Shore, hired me to design a website for her dog walking services... talk about a challenge!
This lady put my creative skills to the test, and not in a way that you would think. Those of you who know me well will see the obvious contradictions right away, but below is her list of stipulations for the project:

1. No more than three colors: blue, beige and white ...

2. No texture ... GASP!!

3. Only one photo/image per page ... UMM...

Needless to say, I was at a loss for days trying to conceive of something that doesn't resemble the inside of my bedroom or blog background, regardless of the theme. Thank you, Katie, for helping me work outside my comfort zone and explore a simpler, more classic design style. Diane, I know you're happy. :)
My next project is for an amazing floral and event design firm based in New York. I'm going to go country garden crazy on this one and no one can stop me! {evil cackle}

Visit Katie's Dog Shore website at www.dogshore.com!

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Hannah said...

I showed the site to Quimby and Zooey and they loved it- I caught them this morning trying to hitchhike there! Beautiful site, Kel.