Sunday Soul Mates
{ jimmy & mowgli }


Ali Green said...

I love them (the pictures, the brother and the dowgli)

Anonymous said...

I have seen many dogs in my life and except for me I think he is the most butiful dog I have ever seen.
- Billy of the Desert

Hannah said...

The second one made me guffaw really loud, spooking my coworkers. Warn me next time! =)

Anonymous said...

I know that the Mowgs is pretty irresistable but tongue kissing?

Just kidding! I love love love these! I think we should crash the Apple Store next weekend and set Steep Street as the homepage on all their machines :-)


Nadia said...

this is pretty amazing, i really like the rustic look your pictures have- its pretty funny how our bf's have boxer soul mates!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mowgli is wearing a tuxedo. Loved the shot of Mowgli giving kisses!
Very cute!