Weekend Warrior
{ hannah }

Hannah took a big one for the team this last weekend when she hit the desert to pose for Satchel Studio's spring ad... she was sick as a dog and teeters easily when standing atop things like stools even when she's healthy. What a champ. Also snapped a few on the drive back to normal climates.



Anonymous said...

Yay! Cheers to a wonderful start in the world of blogs, Tots. Can't wait for the website, and count me in for your next Satchel shoot. My nose may have been a runnin' but I really had fun. =) Love, Han

Anonymous said...

I love everything on your blog, Kelty! I feel like getting married just to have you make a rehearsal dinner invite with many globes flying around! Maybe I'll hire you someday for my non-marriage =)
Hannah looks amazing in the desert shoot...and she's wearing a skirt made with Mayan woven fabric from Guatemala!